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Welcome to the Member Area on rebellion-metal.de!

Please read the following explanations and rules for our Member Area carefully. By sticking to these rules you help to keep the Member Area clear and well-functioning for all members.
Note that the Member Area is open for all our fans around the world and is therefore bilingual like the rest of the page. Interview questions can be posted either in German or in English and will be translated for everybody by the administrator. Polls and contests are available in both languages as well.
We ask all of you to keep the shoutbox and comment functions understandable for everybody (at least in parts). Please take into account that not everybody might feel comfortable with writing in English. We hope that there will be a good balance between both languages.



Instead of a big forum we offer you a shoutbox that contains some categories. At the moment there are the following categories:

Smalltalk: everything that doesn’t fit into the other categories
Rebellion on Tour: everything regarding upcoming or past Rebellion shows
About the music: everything about Rebellions’ music
Meetings and Rides: in this category you can organize meetings or search/find rides to concerts etc.

Before sending your post you can choose a fitting category. Please be careful to choose the right category to keep the shoutbox clear and to help other members to find your post!
You can also find posts by selecting a category at the top of the shoutbox.


Every member is able to take part in our contests offered on the page. To take part in one click on the contest tab and answer the asked question. The winner/s will be drawn by lots and contacted via e-mail when winning.
Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Questions/ Interview questions

Every member can ask interview questions to be answered by the band. To suggest a question click on the Questions tab and ask your question in English or in German. Before doing that please check the questions archive to see if your question was already answered before. Consider if the question is interesting for many fans. (In case it is a more of a personal request, please use other ways to contact the band.)
The suggested questions will be checked and translated for everybody by an administrator. So please be patient when you question doesn’t appear on the page at once.


You can introduce yourself to other members and provide contact details on your profile page. Of course we will not give those details to third parties or use it for other purposes.
You can add you favorite Rebellion song and album to your profile by selecting it on our Discography page.
You can also choose the Rebellion shows you are attending on the Tourdates page. This will be visible for other members on your profile as well as on the Tourdates page. (This function could be useful for organizing rides or meetings on concerts.)

Please mind a respectful tone when using this Member Area.
Advertisement and Spam is unwanted in the Member Area in general. (Of course you can, for example, have the link to your band’s homepage on your profile.)
In posts and comments in our Member Area you have to observe the German law in force.
All provided contents have to be suitable for under-age persons!
With any infringement you risk your account to be blocked or deleted permanently. These measures are at the administrator’s discretion. Every member has to follow the moderators’ instructions.

These terms of policy can be changed or extended at any time.
When registering to our Member Area you agree the above-noted rules.

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